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The Heads Up on Headboards

I love making headboards and see them as the crowning glory of a bedroom. They make such a huge difference to a room and can bring in colour and pattern to complement the curtains. It is also worth considering a bed valance to complete the look. Again, either in a contrasting fabric or the same which can make the room feel very cosy - particularly if using the same fabric for the curtains. There is a definite trend at the moment towards a more feminine and flouncy gathered valance than the sleek style of a kick pleat valance.

Headboard Heads Up

There are a huge number of headboard shapes to choose from, as shown below, and we can make a headboard in any shape or size if none of these tickle your fancy.

Things to think about when considering a headboard

- The headboards can either be fitted flush to the wall (preferable) or directly to the bed.

- A typical King Size headboard is 160cm above the floor ie 100cm above the mattress and a Super King headboard is 180cm above the floor ie 120cm above the mattress.

- Saying that, there is no set rule and if you have a shaped headboard with a high apex you may want it to be higher so that the rest of the headboard is tall enough above the bed.

- Any additional detail you would like, including contrast piping, studs, trim, buttoned etc.

Full bed and half testers and coronas

If you have enough space then a bed half tester is a gorgeously luxurious thing. There are a few options:

- A full bed tester has the canopy attached to both the end of the bed and the head with curtains at the 4 corners; also known as a 4 poster.

- A half tester just covers the head of the bed. A more pared back and contemporary style.

- A corona. An unfortunate name in these times! Unlike the testers which cover the width of the bed a corona sits within or above the bed with the curtains draping away and down and is sometimes described as a Princess bed.

With all these styles you go to sleep ensconced in fabric as if in a fairy tale! They are all so elegant and the absolute centre piece of a room.

After the pressures and roller coaster ride of the last few months making your bedroom a calm and luxurious place to retreat to at the end of the day has never been higher on the priority list.


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