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All of our blinds are bespoke. For a speedy quote we have provided measuring instructions but to confirm the order we would need to come and measure up, unless you are prepared to take responsibility for any wrong measurements. 


The blinds are supplied with a removable weighting rod (for the base of the blind), a 2cm x 2cm wooden baton from which to hang the blind from. Our blinds are fitted with chain mechanisms which are sturdier than the traditional string and acorn and are safe for children. 


If you wish the blind to hang in a bedroom we would recommend that you use black out lining & interlining to completely block out the light. All bespoke blinds are made with interlining for a more luxurious finish unless you specify otherwise. 


We can also supply roller blinds - anything from sheer roller blinds (the modern version of the "net curtain") to Velux black out blinds.

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