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How do I measure up?

Simply follow our measuring instructions. To make sure you get it right, you will need your curtain pole or track in place first if you're measuring for curtains. Always use a metal tape measure. No order will be confirmed until we have measured it ourselves. Self measuring is only for a speedy approximate quote. If you wish to use your own measurements then any mistakes or costs incurred will be your own. 

What happens if I get my measurements wrong?

Contact us straight away and we’ll try to sort it out for you. If work has started, it might be too late to make any amendments.  


If you only find that you've got your measurements wrong after you've received the curtains, please still give us a call and we'll see if there's any way we can get them altered for you. 

What is a Goblet Pleat?

 See below for an example of a goblet pleat.














What is a Triple Pleat?

 See below for an example of a triple pleat.












What is the delivery time?

Our lead times can vary slightly depending on things like fabric availability and the number of orders in front of yours. We always aim to complete your order within 6 weeks of receiving the fabric without sacrificing quality. If you have a deadline to work to please ask us so we can give you an honest answer about the feasibility of making it. 


Make sure to give us a correct telephone number when entering your details, as we'll call to arrange a convenient delivery date with you when your order is ready to be fitted. If there is any kind of delay, we will try to contact you immediately.

How will my curtains/blinds be delivered?

When your order is ready to be fitted, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time for delivery and fitting.

What payment methods do you take?

At the moment, we are only able to accept cheque or bank transfer.

Can I iron my curtains?

Yes, you can.  Make sure you use the right heat setting for the fabric and don’t use too much steam as this can cause a loose weave to sag temporarily. If you are unsure, contact us. 


Can I put my fabrics in the washing machine?

No, this is not advisable. The fabric will shrink, there’s a high possibility colours might run and the linings will get ruined. Curtains can be dry cleaned but please note, they can shrink by up to 3% during the process. If you have to take your blackout/thermal curtains to the dry cleaners, please let them know that they'll need to be put through a sensitive treatment. 


The best way to keep your curtains clean is to vacuum them in situ.

Will my fabrics fade?

Over time yes, particularly if they are exposed to direct sunlight. If your curtains are unlined they will fade faster than lined or, better still, interlined curtains. The most effective way to protect your fabric is to use a blackout lining, as this will prevent any direct sunlight reaching the face fabric.

How heavy are the curtains?

Obviously curtains vary in weight according to the curtain fabric they're made from, their size and the lining options you choose. If you have a curtain pole or track that is not strong and not securely fixed to the wall, you might want to replace it before you hang curtains.  Otherwise, the curtain pole could come away from the wall.  


Curtain goblet pleat
Curtain triple pleat
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