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The Blind Edit : The guide to finding your perfect blind

Picture the scene, you have a window desperately in need of some TLC, you don't have space for curtains because of the furniture in front of the window, you want to allow maximum light in to the room and you want something that makes a statement and can be enjoyed, if only by you at the moment, when relaxing on your sofa after a long day.

The answer? A bespoke blind that ticks all of these boxes and more.

Everyone's brief is different from providing privacy, added darkness in a child's nursery to soft romantic drapes, but there is most definitely a blind to suit everyone.

Roman Blind

This is the most popular choice. It lifts up into a neat stack of folds via a pulley system on the back of the blind using rings and string. It has neat clean lines so works in contemporary as well as traditional settings.

Banded Roman Blind Similar to a Roman blind but has a tonal or contrast trim sewn parallel to each edge of the blind. Relaxed Roman Blind As the name suggests this is a softer look to the Roman blind but works in the same way. This design works equally well in any room.

Scalloped Roman Blind Similar again to the Roman blind but with a scalloped edge detail to the bottom. This edge detail can be shaped to your choice and makes the blind even more unique to you. Festoon Blind This is a very feminine blind. Similar in design to the Austrian blind albeit an Austrian is full across the top whereas a Festoon is gathered throughout the length as well as the top. This works well in high ceilinged rooms.

London Blind Like the Festoon blind, this blind is coming back into fashion and looks really pretty in a bedroom. It has a soft swagged appearance and is often used just for dress purposes.

Roller Blind

This blind is often the most practical solution. It brings a contemporary look to a scheme and also works well where space at the top of a window is limited. This style allows maximum light in to the room as it rolls up in to a very small space and can be used as a voile privacy blind or blackout for a child's bedroom behind a pair of curtains.

All of our blinds are fitted with child safe chains and fixtures.


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